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Anonymous: Do you know if you guys will be coming back to Tampa or St Pete any time soon?

We won’t be back in that area for quite some time. However, we will be in Gainesville this October.

Anonymous: noooooooo i dont need replacement shirts i was just letting you guys know in case it wasnt your fault. now i do feel kinda like a jerk but im happy enough to know i supported you guys on tour and i mean i can make it work if i pull the shirt over and tuck it in and thats kinda a cool trend right? dont worry about it at all no new shirts please but thank you so very much ily

I was being facetious. We don’t print our own shirts and we have no problem telling the company that does print them to give you shirts that you don’t have to wear like a weirdo. Seriously hit us up via email.

Anonymous: who prints your merch? because just my luck both shirts i bought on tour are printed kinda badly (position wise) and i gotta wear my shirts in a weird way to get the design to show properly on my body (like center? i dunno) :-/ nonetheless theyre great shirts i just dont want others to be misfortunate like me!!! just letting u guys know!!

Wouldn’t you feel like such a big jerk if I said we printed our own merch and that we tried super hard and put a ton of labor and love into those shirts? In all seriousness we have never had another complaint about that particular issue.. Sorry it happened twice—send us an email at foxingtheband@gmail.com and we will figure out a way to get you proper shirts. Unless we start getting a ton of response saying that all our shirts are messed up.. If that is the case we will find you and burn your house down.

crystal--visionn: Do you guys think you'll come to Toronto? Seeing you lovely humans would be super cool

We were just there last month and we will be there on October 7th with Into It. Over It. and Kittyhawk.

w0odenheart: Your music had really helped me lately, it's indescribably beautiful. You guys rock!

It’s hard to properly articulate this without coming across as overly sentimental, but receiving messages like this help us out a lot. Thank you.

othernathan: I wish I could have made it to the show in Birmingham, Ala. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with diarrhea the day before and wasn't able to drive four hours and attend. I am not sure if I will be better next time you come, but maybe you guys can come back to Alabama one day?

didn’t know you could be diagnosed with diarrhea. we will be back.

Anonymous: If I brought a blunt to your show, would you blaze it afterwards with me?

It depends on whether or not you are a cop.

shutterrelease: would you guys ever play the woman that loves you live??

that is not our song, that song was written and performed by Japanese Breakfast, which is Michelle from Little Big League’s solo project. It was part of a split.

Anonymous: you guys are hecka dope.

for some reason this just makes me think of Kanye’s “ah heckie nah this boy is raw.” anyways, thank you.