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sick-at-heart: Like the draft or something

Oh, you want the demo version? I don’t think you want the demo version..

sick-at-heart: Can you post the hand written draft of the Inuit

Not certain what you mean by ‘hand written draft’


Kat and Jenna filmed Foxing’s performance of ”Inuit” and “The Medic” live at Skeletal Lightning Fest Two. 

live-insignificant: Is there any chance of you guys playing Ocelot on this tour?

A lot of people have been asking us to play that song on this tour. We have yet to play it with our current line-up.. It’s not out of the question, if we have time we will go over it and see how everyone is feeling.. Maybe bust it out a couple nights.

josh-is-dead: Can you guys handle the 100+ degree Arizona weather?

Handle? Yes. Enjoy? No.

graysonmatter: You have quickly become one of my favourite bands, and I can not wait to see you guys live on May 12th in Toronto. I really hope I can make it because you guys are the reason for me going to the concert. Congrats on the new deal and stay gold ponyboy(s)!

We had a lot of fun in Toronto the last time we were there. You should definitely come out.

haleyelizabeth420: I am so glad I discovered your beautiful music. It's helped me through some good and bad times. I am beyond excited to see you in Boston 6 days after my college graduation!!!!!! You're the best!!!! My question for you is if you could have dinner with any musician or group dead or alive who would it be?

Eric - Beethoven
Ricky - Beyoncé
Josh - Kate Bush
Jon - Frank Zappa
Conor - didn’t respond in time. So we’ll say Lionel Ritchie or Fleetwood Mac.

Anonymous: When are you guys going to release a recording of your new song that you've been playing? I've been listening to a live recording on YouTube ever since I heard you play it!

Not sure. Considering putting it on the next record, which we’ve been working on. However, since it will be a long time until that comes out, we might throw the song on something sooner.