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frckz: now I wanna hear the Inuit's demo version too!!!

Maybe some day when we are more confident we will let people hear it


Foxing // SXSW

sick-at-heart: Like the draft or something

Oh, you want the demo version? I don’t think you want the demo version..

sick-at-heart: Can you post the hand written draft of the Inuit

Not certain what you mean by ‘hand written draft’


Kat and Jenna filmed Foxing’s performance of ”Inuit” and “The Medic” live at Skeletal Lightning Fest Two. 

live-insignificant: Is there any chance of you guys playing Ocelot on this tour?

A lot of people have been asking us to play that song on this tour. We have yet to play it with our current line-up.. It’s not out of the question, if we have time we will go over it and see how everyone is feeling.. Maybe bust it out a couple nights.

josh-is-dead: Can you guys handle the 100+ degree Arizona weather?

Handle? Yes. Enjoy? No.