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ryanbarclay: When will your session with audio tree be on their channel? I was so bummed I couldn't get to a computer when you were on!

It should be up in a couple weeks.

campusseance: hey whats kinda MPC do you use to do the piano parts

Boss 303

thesnailspotter: Just wanted to say I'm proud to say I'm from the St. Louis area, but even more since I discovered you guys about a year. Keep showing the world what St. Louis has to give. Much Love.

We all just made the arch sign after reading your message. Thanks for the kind words. Gateway to the Best!

lovelygabrielle: Your Audiotree Live performance was fucking amazing!!! <3 & Jon, loved your shirt!

Thank you. That was a lot of fun.

Anonymous: are you going to play anything off of Old Songs, Japanese Breakfast split, or the Send Away Stranger split on this tour?

Well, we just might be playing songs from more than one of the releases you mentioned.